Saturday, 17 December 2011

Dolphins: The baby died of drowning weak - Kagoshima / Kagoshima Aquarium

Kagoshima Aquarium Kagoshima, the museum 13 days for death of baby dolphins died on postnatal day 4, was announced by the weakness seen from drowning and autopsy results.

 According to the museum, the results of an autopsy Kagoshima University Faculty of Agriculture veterinary, nursing badly weakened, will not be able to swim to breathe underwater, apparently drowned. The body has many flaws that were identified and we have seen, such as tank against the wall.

 Was also initially seen as a female, the result of observation and was found to be male. Characteristic of female dolphins have milk, "milk groove" was found in the original tank, and the results examined in detail, it was scratched.

 Chief marine animal exhibits Nobutaka Kubo, "potentially affected the feeding damage. Want to consider measures to support the future and how the dolphins that horse," he said. Kurosawa [Keitaro]

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