Sunday, 18 December 2011

In the Rostov Zoo was born dolphin

In Rostov dolphins joyful event happened - the Black Sea bottlenose dolphin gave birth to a baby Cassandra. The birth went well. This is the first newborn in the Rostov dolphins, which opened two years ago in the park "Fairy Tale".

Paul baby is not yet known - the baby and mother is better not to disturb. That's why the name of a dolphin no. 

- Pregnancy and birth in captivity - an extremely rare event - says zoologist, dolphins coach Paul Dolonsky. - Cassandra we brought from Moscow already in the "position" in May of this year.

The female dolphin bears cubs 12 months. "Papa" was in the capital dolphins. Cassandra gave birth to about four hours. This is not the first birth, because everything went smoothly feeds a newborn and the mother's milk from mothers on a step. Coaches animals say the dolphin is sure to be involved in the presentations. In Rostov dolphins are in the custody of the eldest son of Cassandra and Stepan huge white dolphin named Peter.

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