Friday, 23 December 2011

Rough sea, dead beached dolphin

BARI - He fought against the waves. He has repeatedly risked ending up on the beach. Coast Guard and firefighters braved the stormy sea to rescue him. But when they reached back off, he was already dead. It 'was a bitter discovery for divers to die under their own eyes see a beautiful female dolphin. The specimen, a female dolphin of about 2.5 meters in length, was recovered in the waters of the gorge, a few meters from the shore The Trampoline, St. Jerome in the district. The last time was seen over a month ago, on 8 November in the waters of the harbor. Its evolution aroused the curiosity of many people who stopped to admire it on the waterfront. The mammal was in good condition, rather hyperactive, put in difficulty so that staff and volunteers of the Port of sea turtle recovery center in Molfetta engaged in complex activities groped to remove him from the port.

The frames of relief

Thursday morning, a motorist noticed the dolphin and warned the exchange of the Coast Guard. A patrol boat arrived on site and a diving team of firefighters. They tried to pull him to safety but the poor condition of the sea did not help the company. So when it was recovered on the beach came a doctor of veterinary service of ASL. The dolphin was malnourished and lifeless. Now the body is located in the center of forensic medicine in Valenzano. In the past year were more than 50 dolphins beached on the coast of Puglia. Other specimens were found in an advanced state of decomposition on the coast of Trani, Bisceglie, Molfetta, Holy Spirit, Mola di Bari, Brindisi Porto Cesareo and Torre Colimena.

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