Thursday, 2 February 2012

Training dolphins than the care of children should carefully

Dolphins are very fond of children and adults are an animal. During the Spring Festival this year, Nanchang New Zoo opened to the public, the province's first professional Dolphin Pavilion. Performance Hall in the dolphin's performance not only won the warm applause of adults and children, and the story behind the dolphin show is also wonderful.

1 pm, two reporters and the zoo had close contact with cute dolphin to dolphin trainer to understand the story behind the training.

Dolphin is not absolutely stunning performance to win the applause

February 1, the sun warm, the new zoo in Nanchang aquarium to watch the dolphin show filled with adults and children. Performance management is divided into huge ocean areas, spectator stands area, work area and lounge area disinfection, blue pool in the sunlight becomes crystal clear.

Started at 2 pm show, performing on stage two of their training with a dolphin trainer performance. Two dolphins in the water way through, sometimes jumping, sometimes hula hoop, sometimes standing, a series of actions the audience amazed. Jump in the water process, the issue of dolphin sound dolphin is so amazed the audience again and again the voice and the constant stream of applause.

"Very good, very cute dolphins." 5-year-old Tong Tong constantly took her mother's sleeve, said. Ms. Zhao said, watching the weather today is very good with children to the zoo to watch the dolphin show, want their children to more contact with the natural physical and mental pleasure.

Behind the scenes

Dolphins eat 8 kilograms of fish on physical performance guarantee

Reporters from the responsible person from the park learned that two male dolphins were named Yingying and Ao Ao. They are now 6 years old, and the life of dolphins up to 20 years of age, so the two dolphins are prime. Staff, the growth of these two adult dolphins in Japan, to Chang before specially trained in Xiamen, a period of time, January 5 air to Nanchang.

Dolphin pool six meters deep, the water temperature remained constant temperature 19 ℃. Rest area near the dolphin must pass through the junction, the staff on the ground placed a blanket soaked in disinfectant, must be stepped out of people's shoes and blankets for disinfection. Dolphin pool of water in accordance with the proportion of marine water quality and other configurations, such as pH, oxygen, salt content, PH value and other similar proportion with water.

Dolphin is the staple food of all kinds of deep-sea fish, such as bar waves, mullet, blue of the Pacific saury, croaker, etc. Staff told reporters that each dolphin eat about eight kilograms of fish per day. For dolphins, the performances are exhausting every weight of living, the breeder to ensure that the dolphin's belly is a belly full.

Park dolphin trainer Ray quiet, 25-year-old, Changsha. As a father, he told reporters, trained dolphins to take care of children need more than patience to take care of and carefully protected.

Lei Jing told reporters that this year's New Year's Eve, New Year can not go home because he was not particularly happy, then stood silently in the pool side. At this time seems to know he was not happy like dolphins, swam to his side a long time refused to go away, he issued against the crisp sound, as if to sing like him. And he looked so lonely and there will be no dolphins are not happy.

Lei Jing said, the training process is boring, but also happy. Is most proud of when an action can learn to teach the dolphin again. Although sometimes dozens of times on an action to teach dolphins also may not be, but this time the patient is still mine. He told reporters that, as a trainer with patience and his temper is necessary. Because it will affect the dolphin trainer's temper temper, will also affect the quality of the performances when the dolphin show.

The dolphin is sick, the trainer is very worried. "Once Aoao sick, our whole group of six 24 hours waiting around in it to help it measure breathing, strength, injection, saline drip, for intramuscular injection."

Dolphin Music can cure autism

Dolphin Music is a very beautiful voice, a lot of artists used to sing it inside, in addition to the sound of dolphins as well the role of the treatment of autism. Lei Jing told us a story of his experience: a boy named Tiger, since childhood autism, 4 years old will not call my parents. By touching the dolphins, swim with dolphins, dolphin sounds to listen to his autism has been improved, and finally learned to call Mom and Dad. ADHD children also have a contact process with the Dolphins improved their behavior, learn to feel comfortable.

"It has been said, the dolphins that have been smiling angel you can note that the dolphins either open mouth or closed mouth, the mouth like the mouth up the lines of a smile, I hope can be like Aoao and Ying-Ying angel to bring laughter and joy. "thunder in the quiet end of the interview says.

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