Friday, 3 February 2012

Recovered porpoises back to sea

Friday morning, two porpoises which last year were found alive on the beach back to sea. The two small cetaceans were cared for in recent months in the shelter of SOS Dolphin Foundation. After a successful rehabilitation and transportation in winter conditions, both animals over the Wadden Sea in the back.

For the employees of SOS Dolphin was equally biting in the cold. It was freezing when the dolphins strand transport around 07.00 hours left for Lauwersoog. On the boat were the animals sheltered in a transport box and were kept wet with lukewarm water. Jolanda Meerbeek SOS Dolphin on reducing the Porpoises in midwinter: "The winter weather offers important additional measures for transportation. But porpoises swim naturally during the winter months for the Dutch coast. Especially in the months of February and March they are much observed. "

Meerbeek speaks of a successful operation. "Porpoises are sometimes injured or ill to visit our shores. Replacing the sea is the last step and most of the recovery process. " 2011 was a busy year for SOS Dolphin. Earlier, four animals were collected in 2011 successfully returned to nature.The porpoises are off on Friday takes the total to six animals, a record number for an off year for SOS Dolphin.

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