Thursday, 2 February 2012

The correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Conference to dolphinarium on Prytytskaga and looked like really get along Dolphins

 I heard that dolphins are there still freezing! - I called the editor indignant reader. - It's what should be a boiler to heat the water so much? Everything is covered only hilenkim tent, as there can ever be warm when it's cold at 25 degrees ...

In the wording of the call the reader take to heart: Many have already visited with my kids on the idea.

Without ringing come to the dolphinarium. In the pool immediately noticed two beluga whales and a dolphin.

- And where the second dolphin? - I asked an employee dolphinarium.

- Swim at a depth!

And I've already noticed it herself, and, frankly, even from the heart was relieved.

While the employee was distracted (named coach), I put her hand into the water - tepid! Furtively licked fingers - brackish water, although it gives a little bleach. Boiler anywhere, of course, not.

- We are constantly heats the water in the pool and keep a stable temperature of 20 degrees Celsius - assured me dolphin trainer Alexander. - Well, you yourself think, because we are using them (pointing to the frolicking dolphins, hand and beluga whales. - Ed.) Earn money. In our interest to have everything in order. Following the presentation the more children are left to swim with dolphins - and, of course, not in cold water!

- And how do you warm enough water?

In fact, it turned out it's simple: the dolphinarium is water-heating system. In the pool you can see three tubes: one gives a filtered, heated and has salt water (saline solution was prepared in a special tank and let the tube with the incoming water), and two other tubes derive water from the pool.

I confess, for beluga whales and dolphins became a little calmer, let him and cramped, but warm.


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