Wednesday, 1 February 2012

3 Porpoises are pregnant at Harderwijk


Ellen is the last pregnant porpoise who may imagine. Ellen is about seven years old and for the first time mother. She was stranded in 2007 in Domburg. When she was about eighteen years old. Ellen is also to the shelter of SOS Dolphin charged. Ellen has a medical problem, giving them a place in Porpoise Bay has received.
Ellen is a very sweet, quiet porpoise. She seems a tickle and hug his time certainly appreciate. If you ask one of Ellens trainers to describe it, then they all say "it's a very sweet porpoise." She also has a very soft look. What do you think? Ellen looks not cute?


The naughtiest Siepy porpoise porpoise porpoise from the Bay. She always seems very naughty look. And sometimes it seems like they laugh at you! Siepy in 2007 foundered on Ameland. She was only a few months old and is at a very young age, her mother lost. This unfortunately she could not be put back into the sea.

Siepy now contributes in Porpoise Bay on a cheerful note. During the sessions, it sometimes seems as if Siepy will make you laugh. Siepy was calculated in March. It's been about two months! For Siepy is also the first time that she is pregnant. We find it all very exciting.


Amber is pregnant porpoise which was first calculated. Amber you might already know from nursery, because she has already become a mother at the Dolphinarium. She gave birth in 2009 of Kwin. Amber in 2007 foundered on the Maasvlakte. She had already grown, how old it is exactly we do not know. After stranding her to the shelter's Amber of SOS Dolphin brought to recover. The repair went well, but unfortunately could not Amber back to sea because they themselves could catch no fish. Fortunately there's a place in the Porpoise Bay in the Dolphinarium. Looks like she is enjoying herself to have.

Amber is pregnant porpoises of three of the most peaceful. She is of course once been pregnant, so she seems to know what will happen. Amber is calculated around the end of February. Exciting!
If you look at Amber is the Dolphinarium you can easily recognize her! Amber is the largest in the porpoise Porpoise Bay and the tip of its dorsal fin is slightly bent. Amber you'll find in February?


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