Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dolfinarium Harderwijk porpoises find new home

There bathing two new residents in the deep basin at Ecomare. They are porpoises. Actually, that's a weird name for these animals because they are not fish and they are not brown. The whales are the smallest of the North Sea. At sea it is difficult for a porpoise spotting. They never had to jump from the water. When you Ecomare them both above and below water view. Very special to see them up close to swimming, you even hear them breathing again before they go underground.


Porpoises belong to the Dutch seas. Until the middle of the last century you could very easily from country to see porpoises along the coast, but some fifty years ago they seemed gone. Since 1995, they come in large numbers in the North Sea. Also in the Wadden Sea you can nowadays, especially in spring and in calm weather, porpoise spotting.

Michael and Jose

The porpoises at Ecomare are a female and a male and they are called Jose and Michael. They are ever stranded and picked up by SOS Dolphin Foundation. Because they save themselves for various reasons, they can not return to sea. Jose is in July last year stranded in Katwijk. After a speedy recovery, she returned to sea in October, but the same day she miscarried again. Michael in 2009, found on the beach. He was only 1 or 2 months old. Porpoises learn to hunt from their mother and have remained there at least six months required. Michael has not had enough hunting lessons for themselves in the wild to save. Normally porpoises who can not return to sea at the Dolphinarium. In consultation with SOS Dolphin Foundation and the Dolphinarium is Ecomare a second permanent housing for porpoises created.


The caretakers of Ecomare in 2011 all internship at SOS Dolphin and Porpoise Bay of the Dolphinarium. The first few weeks, there remains also a caretaker of the Dolphinarium on Texel, the animals and guardians to supervise.


Ecomare wants people to see what's living in the Wadden and North Sea in order to increase support for protection. The porpoises help us a more complete story. In our encyclopedia you can read more about porpoises.


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