Thursday, 2 February 2012

Number of visitors to the fading effect of opening the black sea Kirara decreased for three consecutive years

鹿子前Kujuku Island Aquarium of the city Sasebo (Kirara sea) is the number of visitors in 2011 about 40 million people are expected to one day be expected to achieve a profit for three consecutive years from the opening, found . However, the effect is diminished open, director Akihiro Kawakubo is "12 years with possible deficits year will test the ability" that you are.  

Large tank outside the museum to exhibit the type of fish Kujuku Island, opened in July 2009 to highlight the nation's largest jellyfish exhibit facilities. The number of visitors was 560,000 in fiscal 2009, fiscal 2010 was 18,000, down about 15% of 47. There are negative factors such as fiscal year ending 11 becomes free of earthquake and highway East, with numbers expected to be close to the target year on year, down 15 percent, Kawakubo director was "playing catch of dolphins jumping and popular exhibitions . in the harsh conditions were investigated "and that.  

However, the effect of fading is inevitable open. The museum's third sector designated administrator, will be operated by Parushi com, black minute is paid to the city, minutes to compensate for the deficit that the city, approximately 280 million yen in fiscal 2009 surplus also, 90 million yen in fiscal 10 year downward trend in the outlook of just under 11 million yen.City of FY 12 the number of visitors expected to produce up to about 10% lower, and that people could fall below the profit line 10000-380037.  

The PR and the city museum of natural study and exhibition ninety-nine Island, has been to increase the ability to attract customers and to attract tourists in Shanghai due to the route.

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