Thursday, 2 February 2012

Construction of the Dolphinarium has faced protests of environmentalists

Construction of the Dolphinarium in the Novosibirsk zoo has faced protests from environmentalists. As the director Rostislav Shilo Novosibirsk Zoo in January at the zoo began preparations for the construction of the dolphinarium - site cleared and fenced with a fence. 1.5 hectares of land owned by a fenced zoo, and an area of 0.8 hectares - Botanical Garden (owned by the Novosibirsk region). According to Rostislav Shilo, Botanical Garden advocates opposed to dolphin became the second section. "I did not have (those) 0.8 hectares to plant a normal dolphin. I can move (the building), but it will be ugly, there is another pavilion for small monkeys and penguins "- explained his actions Rostislav Shilo. According to zoo director, at the disputed site there are no trees, only abandoned greenhouse. According to Rostislav Shilo, all necessary permits to begin construction have been received, but environmentalists protest addressed to the governor of the region could seriously impede the process. Earlier it was planned to begin construction in January and conclude in late 2012

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