Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Korea's first successful treatment of wild dolphins

ast winter , a small dolphin caught in a net dying 'sanggwaengyi' under intensive care with two survived. whales be attached restored through treatment practices in the country is the first time , according to press Kim Jong - Ho is: [ report ] in December last year, Gyeongnam Tongyeong If nausea offshore sanggwaengyi found in the pound net Trapped in ' enjoy 'and' floor '.

vigor as falls away to the fishermen as soon as discovered barely nine trillion nine trillion dwaetgo care organizations has been taken to. [ Interview : Young Ran, Whale Institute veterinarian ] "at the beginning of the reaction did not have food when the body was discovered what was really tired of the movement was a very dull state. " two months after the appearance of two is the energy at the end of the intensive care and recovery tank can have fun at. specific person moknolrimeun a delight. [Interview: yangjunho, Busan Aquarium Marine Life Exhibition Team] " We ll have a very dark and quiet with all the environment while creating a gradual ours now doegetseupnida more familiar and schemed against. "

in Korea found that whales caught in a net average of six hundred animals a year. all dead, or has been reported to be dead soon. so 'enjoy' and 'floor' for the first time in our country restoration of health, whale be attached. [Interview: bakgyeomjun, Ph.D. Institute of whales] , "Through this opportunity, behavior and ecology for sanggwaengyiui not know if there seems to be used as an opportunity." small country dolphins reacted sanggwaengyineun West Coast to an estimated 30,000 lives, but internationally endangered species are classified in current therapeutic sanggwaengyi enjoyed and cared for in the tank floor as early as late this month, born just moved to plain tank is disclosed.


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