Thursday, 9 February 2012

Southern illegal capture a large dolphin 5 "Let him go.

Jeju District Court in Korea in the first eight days 'trial dolphins' were held. Dolphins caught illegally to return to the sea so that when the prosecution and the dolphins may die tight countered claims of tourism businesses. The trial was held bangsaeng associated with dolphins is the first time the incident was reported in July last year. At the time National Maritime Police Agency , Jeju dolphins caught illegally sold dolgoraesyo vendor name and purchased nine dolphin fishermen back to Seoul Grand Park is operated by tour operators to sell or her money in the Jeju area for tourism businesses with representatives heomo (53),

Mr. including two patients were booked. fishermen from 1990 to August 2010 Jeju Island off the coast of dolphins caught in fishing nets of 7,000,000 to 1,000 thousand won in a being who takes deungege heossi Jeju tourism businesses that represent the police investigation Results revealed. the prosecution at a trial day in captivity show dongwondwae illegal money being used in court to five dolphins to sea to return immediately insisted molsuhae. Dolphins caught incidentally to afford the current susaneopbeop regulations are to be released immediately. this court to the defendant that dolphins emit asked if the chances of survival. Southern illegally trapped a large dolphin < photos > heossineun had conducted an exercise to show "whale research in Korea, there is a lack of related data. The Dolphins do not adapt to nature can not loosen them could die," he said.

Yet "The Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Research Institute and the Whale, etc. right after I saved jiluihae official response to the submitted material will, "he said. day southern Jeju big dolphin in front of the court to keep a gathering 'hot pink Dolphins' 10 people, including their members, such as whale pattern hat this happened, tell him to let the dolphins sing urged. These "great whales dolphins Institute of Southern Studies at the Jeju is home to only 114 mariman" and "Trapped in accordance with susaneopbeop dolphins in the wild should return immediately," he said.


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