Thursday, 16 February 2012

From Anapa to Kazakhstan sent dolphins, fur seals and sea lion

Anapa. February 14. Kazakhstan Today - On Saturday, a special flight from Anapa airport in Almaty were sent to two dolphins, fur seals and sea lion, reports Kazakhstan Today. from the Dolphinarium, located on Utrish, they were brought to the airport on a special transport, which was admitted to the aircraft, accompanied by the service aviation security, the press-service airlines "Basel Aero". "The main difficulty was to load the animals on a plane as quickly as the air temperature at the time of" planting "reached - 16C. airport staff can easily cope with this problem" - said in a news release. On board the aircraft for the dolphins was equipped with a special plastic tub, and a cat and a lion traveled in special cells. The total mass of the living cargo was 3 tons, the press service of the airline. The hyperlink to the Kazakhstan Today news agency is required. uri_string Agency


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