Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Umita or your "rookie" public Risso's dolphin

Oita Marine Palace Aquarium "or your Umita" on April 7, dolphin companions "grampus" started publishing. The museum "came to meet us," he said. The museum has been bred cape dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin. Young female Risso's dolphin is a new addition, 2.8 meters long and weighing about 200 kg. Tsukumi get out of the city from Dolphin Island,運Bi込Nda on September 26. "Dolphins are usually take time to adapt to the environment, immediately began to eat squid bait there be young, have also expressed interest in the other dolphins," says Kawachi Takako employee and breeding (28). To grow to 3.8 meters long, which about 400 kilograms. Compared to the dolphin's head rounded, no sharp beak. White scratches on the body when the body擦Ri付Keta rocks themselves. The white is a symbol of strength, it will become white as adults. Call the name of the 10th twice at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm, you can watch the feeding. 2-year auction Asan Asai Kamikita Meiji Oita field trip was visiting in (7) is "interesting to look like a white belly swimsuit pattern. If you are great friends and I moved I just now raising employee" . In the museum, during the holidays of 08 to 10, to solicit the names of visitors.

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