Thursday, 27 October 2011

Month-old baby dolphin Kinosaki Sukusuku

城崎Marinwarudo (Toyooka Seto) and reached a one month old baby Pacific white-sided dolphin. Cylindrical pool next to the dolphin show in zoo stadium (7.5 meters in diameter and 4 meters deep), which swim perfectly fine to stick with his mother.

The mother took the net off Tango Peninsula emplacement, are in the same park in 1990, "Mary". The second birth was followed in 2008. Pacific white-sided dolphin gestation period of approximately one year. Mary appeared on the show until after mid-August this year, successfully gave birth September 20 into the early hours on maternity leave. Babies were breast-fed swimming Sukusuku Mary grew up awkward, length has grown to more than 1 meter.

Pacific white-sided dolphin zoo has bred in 1977. There was also the birth of the baby several times and hit the wall of the pool, or the mother did not breast-feeding well, died at age 17 in length. This is covered in the pool net to prevent a collision, the first week after birth, the 24-hour watch with colleagues such as breeding.

Baby dolphin appeared to show, trained from birth to about four months. Mr. Tomokazu Takatsu veterinarian responsible breeding of dolphins (43) "I'm glad you grew up here. Hope so carefully watched grow nicely," he said. (Asako Nagamine)

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