Friday, 21 October 2011

Lovey & Stella are Pregnant and a future move

Between them, the Italian agreement on breeding loan from the head of two killer whales last year, got off a plan to transfer the orca, which was raised in Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium prior to transfer "waves"'s condition worsened, then transport plan had been postponed to accept that death.
However, among the females of four horses in captivity in Kamogawa Sea World this time, "Stella" and "Rabbie" is confirmed pregnant, and breeding facility in Kamogawa Sea World in present birth of killer whales in the head 2, the number of tanks In short, it became clear that a very difficult situation from becoming overcrowded. Respectively, so that you can safely give birth where two horses Orca "Stella" is a pair of male and its "bingo", the child's "Ran" cooperation to Kamogawa Sea World from Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium for acceptance to the urgent request has now decided to accept.
The original plan was "run" for the transfer of the younger age than other children, because a strong dependence on the mother is better to be transported from the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium leave parents with Kamogawa Sea World It is considered to make the habitat is now equipped to be transported. Kamogawa Sea World, including its birth to the killer whale's head 3, which is raised in Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, the expression an overall support system will make a backup. Hedge is a breed of killer whales in captivity is also very valuable in the world, eager now we can safely give birth. Grand Vista Hotel & Resort Co., Kamogawa Sea World Port Management Association Nagoya Port Nagoya Institute Foundation (Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

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