Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Orca Coalition back to court

Amsterdam, October 19, 2011 - Thanks to donations from many individuals and a large donation from the international animal protection organization FOUR PAWS Foundation, the Coalition Orca appeal against the decision of Secretary of State for Bleacher orca Morgan to Tenerife to export. Also, the Dolphinarium, the lawyer said that Morgan was against the law within a week to transport, as announced by the Dolphinarium. According to the lawyer for the Coalition Orca international rules are violated. Moreover, Morgan Loro Parque in no way an improvement in terms of space and companionship.

Last week, Morgan State Bleacher known orcas to Tenerife can be moved. Soon got the Orca Coalition sufficient financial resources within FOUR PAWS Foundation of animal lovers and to appeal against this. "International regulations for the care of the protected animal is still followed. Only if rehabilitation is not possible, other options considered. But the Dolphinarium has so far not yet be called an action showing that Morgan has tried to prepare for a life in the wild, "said Marq Wijngaarden, lawyer for the Coalition Orca. Because of the decision of the court in August to the Dolphinarium at least five weeks to wait before being allowed to export Morgan. The Dolphinarium, this is not going, which they want to break the rules again.

Orca Coalition is still open for discussion with the Dolphinarium. "We are supported by a group of international orca scientists who have experience with replacing these protected animals in the wild. Their knowledge and experience is available to Morgan, and also for future stranded killer whales. There is already one year a detailed roadmap for Morgan ready to bring back to her family, "said Barbara Gennevilliers, marine biologist and spokesman for the Coalition Orca. The Orca Coalition remains committed to carrying out this plan and Morgan check back to her family, precisely because they are under international rules entitled.

The park where the orca Dolphinarium in a hurry to go to bring Loro Parque, also shows a decline in mean. A recent study found that Morgan there in an even smaller pool will be placed than they are now located. Moreover, the group of killer whales in Tenerife is not the cozy 'adoptive family' where the Dolphinarium is talking about. There is so much aggression between the animals themselves, that they be kept separate and only swim together at the shows. One of the animals is covered in scars, and in December 2009 killed another animal trainer.

Orca Coalition is a partnership between the Dutch wildlife conservation organizations Dolphin Motion EDEV - A ANIMAL A FRIEND, Bite Back, PINK!, First Sea Foundation, The Blackfish and four legs.

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