Sunday, 16 October 2011

Triple dolphin offspring in Duisburg Zoo

Duisburg for the first time in the history of dolphin husbandry in Germany were born within three weeks, three cubs in a dolphinarium: The Zoo Duisburg Pepina brought the bottlenose dolphin, dolphin and Daisy each one baby. Father of all three Ivo.

The reports coming in Duisburg Zoo dolphinarium at the Kaiser mountains - and a zoological novelty: According to the zoos were born in Duisburg for the first time in the history of the German dolphin entertainment three cubs in a very short time. And: According to the zoo every three cubs are healthy. The dolphin because of his stance on animal rights activists criticized the zoo constantly evaluates the blessing of children in the bottlenose dolphins as evidence for the "very successful development of the dolphin entertainment."

After a gestation period of approximately twelve months, the females Pepina, Delphi and Daisy brought on 20 August, 27 August and 5 September, her baby boy. Father of all babies is the breeding males Ivo. Has also been named the young: The young dolphins are called Diego, Dorte and Darwin. Of the past nine bottlenose dolphins in the Dolphinarium are thus seven-and-bred Duisburg. The dams Delphi and Daisy had come already in the zoo at the Kaiser mountain to the world.

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