Sunday, 27 June 2010

Rescued Orca Doing Well

imageMorgan swims around basin dolphinarium

Harderwijk - Orca Morgan swims around in its pool of 25 by 10 meters in the Dolphinarium Harderwijk. They now eat dead fish (oa.haring) but when they aansterkt will have to get used to hunt live fish. Doing well under the circumstances Foppen said Marten, general manager of the Dolphinarium. Unfortunately, the situation may deteriorate suddenly. Fool does not mention the place where Morgan could be restored.

`` It could be weeks or even months before that happens, now we focus on the stronger and we see daily how she goes.''Morgan takes a team of staff 24 hours a day in which gaten.Medewerkers at Morgan may not be allowed to work with the dolphins all risks as to exclude infection. (translated from Dutch)

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