Monday, 28 June 2010

110-pound baby beluga whale born at SeaWorld San Antonio

Officials at SeaWorld San Antonio have put out baby announcements. They are letting the city know of the newest birth.Early Wednesday morning Luna, a 10-year-old, 1,400-pound beluga whale gave birth to a 110-pound female calf. The newborn is 4 feet 10 inches long.

SeaWorld's Zoological Operations is in charge of monitoring both mom and tot round-the-clock.
“The first days and even weeks in the life of a cetacean (dolphin or whale) are critical, so we are cautiously optimistic about this new addition to the SeaWorld family” said Chris Bellows, SeaWorld San Antonio’s vice president of zoological operations.

According to Canadian researchers in British Columbia, first-year mortality rates for beluga whales in the wild is as high as 50 percent.“We will be monitoring nursing, respirations and other vital indicators which, thus far, have been positive,” Bellows said.While the mother and her new baby are bonding, the park has temporarily canceled the beluga whale "Azul" shows.Visitors to the park will be able to observe the Luna and her calf at Beluga Stadium.


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