Monday, 14 June 2010

Five Dolphins moved to Palmitos Park

Every day at one o'clock and half past three p.m. Palmitos Park, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, offers two separate shows in his new dolphin pool, a pool of four million liters of saltwater in the that 'Roque', 'Naye', 'Cris', 'Sargon' and 'Sunset' offers a catalog of impossible leaps and layering that leave the public without air.

They are too smart to work only for food and if they get bored they decide that maybe do not work today. "Pep Lara is the head of the brand new Dolphin which premieres Palmitos Park, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, in which a group of five bottlenose dolphins, trained by the kids still Naye-Roque and six-year, Cris, five, and veterans Sargon and Sunset, 13 and 15 years, offers two spectacular daily sessions at one and three and a half afternoon.

In the three pools of four million liters of salt water for about 25 minutes, the quintet manages to dazzle by far the hundreds of people pass daily for the first dolphin of Gran Canaria, and the park director, Pedro Cantero , is among the six best in Europe, in a bid in which the company owns Aspro-Ocio has 20 years experience and has invested in this, his fifth such facility.

Somersaults, layering the sound speed, jumps strung on a ring and a range of exercises including Pep surfing on the back of one of the dolphins cause they fly in the 25th minute as they flew dolphins when coaches, Pep also includes Javier Gutierrez, Paula Fornas, José Miguel Romero and Nayra Peláez, they are showing the way forward and that changes each time because theirs is the game, innovation and real magic.

And when you are not working as a domestic life that begins with a medical behavior training first thing in the morning in which they learn to be auscultated or to be putting a tube. Luego más juegos para aprender cosas nuevas y, cuando se tercia, un baño con todos los entrenadores para darse "cariño, compañía y disciplina, porque cuando hay que trabajar, se trabaja muy en serio". Then more games to learn new things, and when the opportunity arises, a bathroom with all the coaches to be "love, companionship and discipline, because when you have to work, work very seriously."

The fact is that dolphins, which have been bred in captivity at the facilities of Aspro-Ocio de Tenerife, the park Aqualand, it seems to go squid Palmitos Park.

And when they see behind closed doors, a stranger walking along the edge of the pool to follow him out to the edge of the sink to poach one hugs, as is a person without shoes.

In addition, Palmitos Park provides a discount to residents in the Canary Islands, programs with schools and a series of educational and pedagogical activities to meet these near relatives "and the threats they face."

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