Thursday, 24 June 2010

orka komt eerste nacht goed door

HARDERWIJK The killer whale on Wednesday from the Wadden Sea is transported to the Dolphinarium is a good first night back on. The young and weakened animal after its arrival in Harderwijk first fish eaten. Veterinarians and caretakers are hopeful but take account of a setback.

Veterinarians have the killer after arrival at the Dolphinarium investigated. There is blood and is drained through a scan looking for possible internal injuries. The initial results are positive about this. Tuesday the animal was discovered by fishermen in the Wadden Sea. The Ministry has followed the animal and then quickly turned out to be a young killer whale was severely weakened. The expertise of the Dolphinarium was called in and after consultation it was decided that the animal would not survive without help. A dozen dolphins trainers and veterinarians by boat on the Wadden Sea has gone through the staff of Agriculture orca transported safely to the Dolphinarium.
A return to the open sea, the physical condition of the animal much too weak.

"Our priorities now lies with the health of killer whales," said a spokesman for the Dolphinarium. In the coming days will vets and trainers of the dolphins Dolphinarium 24 hours a day watching the young female. 'We view the situation hour by hour. That they have eaten fish is a positive sign but we remain alert and the situation could still worsen. For the killer whale as much rest will give the audience not currently in the animal may come.

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