Sunday, 27 October 2013

Oct-21 to Oct-27th 2013

Should SeaWorld free the killer whales?

Dead whale removed from Heeia Kea harbor

Whale pod feeding frenzies caught on camera

Wordy northern whales have turned down the volume, scientist says

Whale Punches Underwater Photographer

Humpback whale calf dies in shark net on Sydney beach

Whale rescue group need volunteers

Hawaii officials track sperm whale carcass

Dolphin Marine Magic family welcome new baby dolphin

Dolphin Slaughter Fueled by Illegal Shark Trade

A Chance Reunion with a Dolphin Studied 30 Years Ago

Dolphin sonar inspires coin-sized bomb detector

Research Finds Method to Help Understand DolphinCommunications

'Chicasso'! Professional trainer teaches Chicky the dolphin

Spinner dolphin dead two days after rescue

More than 700 dolphin deaths recorded in mid-Atlantic

Study monitors dolphin activity in SW

Dolphin Rescued From Near-Death Now 300 Miles Off San Diego ...

Toxic fears for river dolphins

Dolphin Virus Reaches South Carolina Coast

Study of Yangtze Finless Porpoise Reveals Not All Cetaceans Hear ...

Fishing industry endangers harbor porpoises in Baltic Sea


Museum of Risso's dolphin baby birth Taiji

Minke whale turned out, was found on the shore of North Beach whale carcasses


They find a dolphin stranded and disoriented on the beach of the Tower of ...

Rescued pink dolphin and her calf in the Arauca River


Sensation Dolphin Feeding at Tangalooma Beach

Dolphin Massacre Trail in Gulf Semaka

Dead dolphin found in the river Tagus


Four whales died in Canada because no one beach cleanup has decayed

Poyang Lake found dead porpoise deaths has reached 164 (1/10)

Add a dolphin born at the Suoi Tien


Bruinvis Ella update - Ecomare


Baby born at Naberezhnye Chelny

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