Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Oct-10 to Oct-15 2013

Fury over whale carcass law

Whale and seal found dead at resort beach on the same day

Fools ski close to distressed humpback whales near Newcastle

Sea-map sonar linked to whale stranding off Madagascar

Rare bottlenose whale pops up again on Eastern Shore, NS

Students dig up bones of buried killer whale

Blue Whales Have A Robust Immune System

Howe Sound transforming

Potential enhanced ability of giant squid to detect sperm whales

Blue sharks devour dolphin off Falmouth Bay

Dolphin Cove development now with Planning Dept

Nor'easter strands record number of dolphins

Federal shutdown cripples dolphin death investigation

Aquarium won't close weekends during 'Dolphin Tale 2' filming

Stranded dolphin is rescued, set free in the Gulf of Mexico

Endangered species: 'Poor fishing regulation aggravating threat'


2013 second period northwest Pacific Ocean whale survey (offshore survey) is the end

Mink were captured whale

The Sochi torch relay dolphin participation


South Sea mink whales trapped "1.5t weight mink whaleswhopping price "

The story stone', is introduced in 50 countries


Preserving the dolphin Bangladesh South Asian river


Minister of Forestry No Seriously Rated Stop Circus Dolphin


The first concert of mobile dolphinarium in Blagoveshchensk


Fish weighing 7 tons stranded whale dies


Chongqing first introduced Dolphins next year people are expected to watch dolphin show (Figure)

Inventory of rare dolphins and whales: false killer whales love the food sharing

Guangdong Zhuhai Hengqin Changlong International Ocean Resort will be part of the opening in November

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