Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Oct-04 to Oct-09 2013

Bryde's Whale Secrets Revealed by DNA Tests

Report links sonar to whale stranding

Couple make whale of a catch

False killer whales and bottlenose dolphins team up in NZ

Mercury treaty to flag threat of toxic whale and dolphin meat

Tangled whale spotted off coast

Mystery of why 22 long-finned whales washed up to their deaths

Stranded Sperm Whale Met With Gruesome Death

Giant step for ocean conservation

Dolphin hunting town in 'The Cove' to open a marine park

Visiting orcas draw a crowd

Negros students help free stranded dolphin

Dead dolphin left to decompose on Long Rock beach

Dolphin Deaths Continue as Gov't Shutdown Impacts Research

'Dolphin Tale 2′ to begin filming in Clearwater this fall

Dolphins are apparently really into Radiohead

Hundreds of common dolphin spotted in Falmouth Bay

Stranded dolphin in Poole Harbour “had no chance of survival”

Elizabeth Quay works stopped after dolphin trapped

Phuket: Two injured turtles rescued, dolphin dies

CM Nitish Kumar announces dolphin research centre

Fisheries center in Dagupan treats injured dolphin

dolphins at the National Aquarium in Baltimore

Feds ax porpoise-related fishing grounds closures


Training three years, dolphin 2 head debut Otaru Aquarium


East Coast dolphin bycatch 10,023 the second year, after another ...

Experience whale ecology Dolphins 'chapter kkotbun' two three pregnant


Dolphins and Animal Care Community Forestry Bill Promise


Whale stranded in Governador Celso Ramos is rorqual family


German mine found dating back 1100 years of ancient whalefossils (Figure)

Successful use of sedatives to help scientists


Dolphin found dead on the beach behind the Police Department


Appears killing a dolphin on a beach Salvadoran Pacific

Appear the remains of a dolphin in Razo

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