Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Kohana gives birth to the First Spanish Orca

We like crazy. Kohana has given birth this morning a beautiful baby-killer in OrcaOcean facilities. Is an important day and we are very happy.

After four hours of labor at first breeding Spanish Canary Island of dawn came into the world with 150 kilos of weight and two meters long. A team of veterinarians, biologists, coaches and experts watched a close eye to detail. Moments later instinctively swam to the surface and made his first breath to the astonishment of all excited.

Kohana, born eight years ago at the Sea Park Word of San Antonio (USA), is the youngest first-time mother of history in this type of delivery. As happens to many mothers in the animal kingdom has not yet established maternal bond with her young male, so you get a supply of support from experts carers.

Wolfgang Kiessling recalled this morning excited to "our very dear and beloved ex-president de Canarias, Adán Martín," which inaugurated the OrcaOcean in 2006 and "had enjoyed a lot with this birth. [With Video]

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