Friday, 1 October 2010

Audubon delays rehabbed dolphin release

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The Audubon Nature Institute has postponed the release of a male bottlenose dolphin rescued in June from a Cameron Parish beach.

The release had been scheduled Friday. But institute spokeswoman Meghan Barnett says the dolphin has been eating less than usual for a couple of days, and veterinarians want to be sure he's healthy before they let him go.

Because he was found during the BP PLC oil spill, his blood was checked for possible oil spill damage as well as other problems. There wasn't any oil, but he was very underweight, dehydrated,had pneumonia and his brain, lungs and digestive tract were infested with parasites.

He weighed 270 pounds when he arrived. Now, he weighs more than 300 pounds.


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