Tuesday, 5 October 2010

SeaWorld’s killer whale Kalina dies unexpectedly

Kalina swims with Baby Shamu, the calf she birthed in 1999. When this photo was taken on June 23, 1999, Baby Shamu weighed about 350 pounds and measured 7 feet long and had begun nursing. (Photo by Steve Szerdy, SeaWorld Orlando)

From SeaWorld Orlando:

SeaWorld officials report that Kalina, a 25-year-old killer whale at the Orlando theme park, died Monday, Oct. 4, after a sudden illness.

A necropsy will be performed, but the cause of her unexpected death likely will not be known for as long as six weeks.

According to park veterinarians, Kalina showed no signs of illness as recently as Friday and had good appetite on Sunday, Oct. 3. She began showing signs of discomfort Monday afternoon and died suddenly in the early evening.

Kalina was SeaWorld’s first successful birth in the park’s breeding program; she was born Sept. 26, 1985, to Katina. In 2004, Kalina gave birth to her fourth calf.


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