Thursday, 12 August 2010

Half dead dolphins found agency staff near the aviary

Half dead dolphins found agency staff near the aviary. Dolphin could hardly stand on the water and tried to put his head on the wall.

Sergei Gulenko ("KP" - Crimea) - 05/08/2010

- Most likely, the animal sensed his fellows, who were in the aviary, and came to us for help - told the "KP" Head of Research Management Research Center MAT "State Oceanarium" Anatoly Ermolenko. - Delphine gave to inspect themselves. He was severely depleted, the left fin is damaged, difficult breathing ... He is about 10-15 years. Most likely, a dolphin caught in fishing nets and swallowed water. Injuries are very similar to wounds which are dolphins, approached the trawlers.

The animal is now in the aquarium. He received treatment, and already have the first results: the dolphin began to yourself to eat fish. Most likely, the full rehabilitation leave for several months, and then he is released back into the sea.

The fact that the dolphin swam up to the man, there is nothing supernatural, experts say, these animals are known for their intelligence and friendliness

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