Thursday, 5 August 2010

Carcasses of Dolphins rise floating in Jatadhari river mouth in Orissa coast

Environmentalists have expressed their serious concern for rise of death of blowhole Dolphins in Jatadhari River mouth after recovery of two dead bodies from this mouth on Monday. Population of blowhole Dolphins which is one of the rare species and has been declared as an endangered species, have recorded a slow rise in at Jatadhari and Mahanadi River mouth in Paradip.

Hundreds of dolphins have been sighted in Paradip coast in this season. These dolphins have also attracted the tourists in Paradip in which tourists have been waiting in this River mouths to witness this rare species. Though no census has yet carried by either forest of fishery department but officials’ sources said the numbers of dolphins are about 150 in Mahanadi and Jatadhari River mouth in Paradip.

Meanwhile, fishermen have sighted the dead bodies of two dolphins which were floating on Jatadhari river mouth. The length of each dolphin is nearly 20 meters. Similarly, last January, the casualty has been reported about two to three due to sea pollution for leakage of furnace oil from sunken ship ‘Black Rose’.

Environmentalists have expressed that steps have been taken by the government for the protection of Olive Ridley Turtle by restricting the movement of trawlers during their breeding but no steps have been taken towards the protection of dolphins by the department as yet causing the rise of their death. They have alleged that dolphins have died due to pollution or netting by trawlers on sea causing them to decline so they have urged to take steps for their protection.

Assistant Director Fisheries (Marine), Kujang Mr Pratapranjan Rout has expressed that there is slow rise of dolphins in Mahanadi and Jatadhari River Mouth due to conservation of sea. He has suspected that death of these dolphins may likely possible due to hit on ships or netting by trawlers in which steps have been taken for the protection of these dolphins in Paradip coast he added.


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