Thursday, 9 July 2009

PETA Slams SeaWorld Again After Stillborn

A still born dolphin, that PETA calls the third dolphin death at Discovery Cove in Orlando, a SeaWorld park, has prompted the organization to send yet another letter of protest to the the USDA.

PETA says it was contacted by a "whistle blower" who said a dolphin named Dixie in the process of labor was unattended by a veterinarian. Last month, PETA claimed a similar occurrence led to the death of both a mother and a baby. The organization also claims the death was unattended by a veterinarian.

"As you know, on June 23, we contacted you about the June 21 deaths of a dolphin named Scarlet and her unborn fetus at Discovery Cove. PETA has been told that Scarlet's necropsy revealed that her uterus had ruptured, releasing the calf into her body cavity," wrote Lisa Wathne, a captive animal specialist with the organization.

Wathne continued by saying, "Considering the tragedy of Scarlet's failed pregnancy and ultimate death -- as well as the fact that she likely suffered considerably during the week before her death -- it's unconscionable that a veterinarian was not present when Dixie gave birth or, apparently, to check on her following the birth."


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