Thursday, 16 July 2009

Friendly dolphin taken to Sea World. Australia

A Dolphin which had become a nuisance at the Port of Brisbane's boat ramps has been captured by Sea World's rescue team for the second time in five months. And this time it is for good.

Nicknamed Cliffy, the juvenile male was rescued by Sea World earlier this year after becoming weighed down by fishing lines wrapped around his tail.

However, despite being nursed back to health and released, Cliffy seems to have come to rely on the charity handouts he received and has had trouble adapting to life back in the wild.

Living off scraps from fishermen and the generosity of other riverside locals, Cliffy had become something of a nuisance even biting a Water Police officer, sparking Sea World to intervene.

Sea World curator of mammals, Mitchell Leroy, said the feisty young dolphin would become a permanent addition to the marine park.

"He just wasn't learning the correct skills for hunting and he didn't have a social structure around him which is very important for dolphins," Mr Leroy said.


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