Saturday, 18 August 2012

Kohana gave birth


Loro Parque (Tenerife) has announced the birth of a new orca in facilities 'OrcaOcena', the second baby orca born in Spain and, therefore, an important milestone for the breeding program, since reproduction is the most important indicator that confirms the animal welfare on site, created especially for these marine mammals.

Kohana, a female age 10 born in the parks of Sea World (San Antonio, USA), has given birth to her second brood of about 152 kilos and after 2 hours of labor, time that was observed and assisted by the team of veterinarians, biologists and park coaches. Moments after birth, the little brood of 1.40 meters long instinctively swam to the surface to make its first breath.

"It is a very important day for all of us at Loro Parque and we are very happy with this event, as this birth credited welfare enjoyed our animals," said Miguel Diaz, head coach of orcas, adding that "the small farming is strong, nothing with much energy and we are happy to whom we are privileged to see it grow, "he said Diaz.

"The knowledge and experience gained by Loro Parque in the breeding of this species is very important and the proof is the proper growth and development of Adam, the first baby orca born in the park and now has almost two years" said Javier Almunia, Doctor of Marine Sciences and deputy director of Loro Parque Fundación.

Meanwhile, veterinarians and trainers wisely await progress of the animal, as "the first few weeks are crucial for the development of cetaceans are born with a basic immune system and therefore takes time to strengthen it", Almunia stressed.

This is the second delivery of orcas in OrcaOcean facility, opened in 2006 and living in seven copies of orca: raising Adam, born in 2010, a female from the Netherlands, and four copies originating from Sea World Park , born second and third generation human care, which have been born out of 30 orcas in over 40 years and whose breeding program (included in this birth) is the most successful in the world.

For Loro Parque, these insights provide valuable new information and greater scientific knowledge about breeding and care of the newborn, which will benefit future copies of this and other species of cetaceans.

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