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Aug-03 & Aug-04 2012

Due to internet issues, here is a mix of Aug 3rd / Aug 4th News

Looks like gray whale baby boom under way
Sacramento Bee - 1 hour ago
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- It appears that there is a gray whale baby boom under way. ... Sea report a never-before recorded number of gray whales calves in July.

Farmer challenges federal protection for killer whales - 5 hours ago
WASHINGTON -- The iconic orca, or killer whale, should swim free of federal protection, a farmer from California's San Joaquin Valley urged in a petition filed

Stranded baleen whale died due to dysfunctional senses
New Straits Times - 6 hours ago
KOTA KINABALU: The 10-tonne whale, which was stranded for more than 12 hours on Sungai Sitompok beach in Kuala Penyu near here, died yesterday

Newly Acquired Whale Skull a “Missing Link”

Smithsonian (blog) - 1 hour ago
A recently acquired whale skull will likely provide information about the more recent evolution of the North Atlantic right whale. Photo by the New England

Harbour porpoise dominate sightings made 
This is Cornwall - 12 hours ago
Bottlenose and common dolphins stayed away from the South West coast during national whaleand dolphin watch last weekend

Minke whale under the Digby wharf
Digby Courier - 14 hours ago
A right whale “flukes” (dives) as it swims out the Digby Gut last year. ... off the Digby wharf saw a minke whale swimming under the floats on Wednesday,

Govt welcomes Korea whaling abandonment
Courier Mail - 19 Jul 2012
South Korea announced earlier this month at an International Whaling Commission meeting it would use a loophole to proceed with a scientific research

Dolphin Watch Somewhere in the process of repeating the process
Tampa Bay Newspapers - 16 hours ago
During my first “job” studying dolphins, my professor taught me to count thedolphins in two ways. One, estimate the number of dolphins we encountered at sea

Dolphin bite is hit or miss, but reef and backcountry are active
KeysNet - 1 hour ago
Great dolphin bite continues as summertime angling heats up ... Offshore, dolphin fishing was good a few days ago, but got tough the last couple of days.


How Killer Whales Become Killers
Wall Street Journal - 19 hours ago
There is a reason why the killer whales who perform at Sea World are given the ... In fact, as marine biologist Naomi Rose explains to Mr. Kirby

Ikaika healing from injury at SeaWorld San Diego
Recent photos circulating on the Internet reveal that Ikaika (Ike), the 9-year old male killer whale transported back to SeaWorld in San Diego after a five-year stay at Marineland in Niagara Falls, Canada, has been injured. Reports from patrons also indicate that Ike has not been performing in shows as of late July, presumably due to his injury. These photos reveal that Ike has suffered a very long gash under his chin, and by the looks of the injury, may be the result of impact with the metal separation bars that are being utilized at the park, presumably to address trainer safety concerns.

Dolphin 56, where are you?
The Star-Ledger - - 4 hours ago
A Facebook page was set up in 2009 to track the dolphin. The last reported sighting was in July 2011, when the dolphin was photographed off the coast of Wales

FAU teams with Georgia Aquarium to study dolphins
Sun-Sentinel - 19 hours ago
Studies of the bottlenose dolphin's immune system will be conducted by Florida ... Now the aquarium wants to focus on the dolphins' immune systems,

Theo the rescued porpoise still in 'rough shape,' but gaining weight
Ottawa Citizen - 19 hours ago
Theo, the rescued porpoise, is slowly gaining weight but faces a long road to full ... The little adultporpoise is currently in a holding tank

Edna does well at Mote Marine Aquarium
New Edna Update. Mote hospital staff and volunteers continue to monitor Edna's condition around the clock. We were hoping to release the dolphin in the next couple of weeks, but after consulting with the National Marine Fisheries Service, which oversees the care and protection for wild marine mammals, we have decided to continue to watch Edna's condition closely to make sure she is ready for release.


Sanya beach a navigation whale death
搜狐 - 1 hour ago
South China Sea Network Sanya, August 4 (the South China Sea Network reporter Liu Liping) August 4, the South China Sea Network reporter learned that stranded in the Sanya Bay Beach "Dolphin" 17:10 yesterday afternoon, after the Hainan South China Sea aquatic wildlife rescue Center experts

Typhoon dolphin also died stranded survivors dolphin rescued released
NOWnews - 1 hour ago
Survivors of tropical spot dolphins rescued after Taiwan lifted the typhoon warning, the Animal Protection Department co-ordinates the fishing vessel carrying it back to the sea. ... this time in Taiwan, "Sura" off disaster, not only human suffering from the strong wind and rain attacks, the Jiao child notice any sea dolphins


In Peru and Brazil hunt pink dolphins for use as bait - 12 hours ago
According to an estimate of 2007, each dolphin you 'produced' $ 22 000 per year for tourism. The canoe ... This respect for the dolphin is shared also the Indians

Dolphin calves are a year old
Now almost a year old, the three in August and September 2011-born DIEGO Dolphin young animals, DÖRTE and DARWIN in the Duisburg Zoo.

Veerle is Released
Today Porpoise Veerle returned to sea! It was a beautiful day and everything went well. We Fern a few times to see the minutes after she was placed in the water. Photos will follow ..
Today, Porpoise Fern was Brought back to sea. It was a wonderful day and eveything went well. Several times we have seen re-surfacing after she was back in the water

Whale Beach still cancelled
Is "bathing beach and meet a whale," which had been canceled because of bad weather on July 31, the information which had been suspended until August 2, and after today, tropical waters have occurred in the Ogasawara Since the influence of the atmospheric pressure is a concern, has decided to extend the period until discontinuation (planned) on August 4.

Update on Gray's calf - PDF

(watch the calf on webcam)

Shirya at AQUAS turns 3

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