Friday, 27 April 2012

April 27th 2012

Humpback whales return to Monterey Bay

"Detangler" Ready for Whale Caught in Rope

Coast Guard Monitoring Whales

Anquish over Iceland's fin whale hunt

Ganga diary: dolphins in the river

Dead Dolphin Found Near Cole Park

Dolphins in shallow water as court case drags on

Speedboat driver avoids fine for orca injury

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium underwater performance for a limited GW

Autopsy survey porpoise is Hiroshi Natural History

Mie Toba Aquarium male, to Hiroshima "Mukoiri" in breeding: porpoise

Bottlenose Dolphin doing well at Research Center of National Cheng Kung University
(Chinese - Facebook)

Women's outing found cerebral palsy, juvenile care seven round see the sea drea

They find dolphins and dead fish in Centla, Tabasco

Duisburg Zoo Animal rights activists may continue due to dolphin entertainment

Residents, transients, grays humpbacks, and Risso's dolphins

A researcher has discovered that dolphins sing in their sleep.

In Odessa, the beach washed up dolphin to rip the belly

Orphanages saw the dolphin show

Berdyansk dolphin is not enough land

The prosecutor's office will check the legality of the construction of a dolphinarium in Skadovsk "KHERSON public on-line.

News - Scope - For the dolphin in the patients brought Skadovsk dolphins?

'People don't take mercury contamination seriously' – Sakae Hemmi (Includes interview)

Phuket NEWS: Phuket tourists, jet-ski operator scramble to stave o

SeaWorld eliminates plastic bags: SeaWorld says it will eliminate plastic shopping bags in its theme

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