Tuesday, 17 April 2012

April 14th - 17th 2012

My apologies for not doing any news this weekend but I have been fairly busy. So here is the news from 14th April to 17th April 2012

Mexicans return beached whale to sea

Court ruling on killer whale protection stands

Whales are spotted off the coast of Scituate, Hull

Navy sonar didn't drive whale to its death: US

Deaths of 3000 dolphins blamed on sonar blasts from oil firms

Humpback has a whale of a time in Strangford

Can whales predict tsunamis?

Biologists urge public to report any whale sightings using hotline

Push for whale sanctuary

Beached dolphin dies in Ormoc

Unexpected Death of Dolphin at Texas State Aquarium

After spate of marine deaths,experts urge state to carry out

Patna to Host Asia's First Dolphin Research Centre‎ / Asia's first dolphin research centre to come up in Bihar‎ / India founded research center of the Ganges dolphin‎ (Spanish)

Aquarium beluga birth blessed event will be August

Mirage spring type, off Uozu No. 2 this season, dolphin , "co-star"

Whales off the coast of Sanriku capture survey: the first time this year,whale landed head first time in two years two, in Ishinomaki, Miyagi /

Baby born at Dolphin Acadamy
(English version)

Dolphinarium Sonora new company looking to rent dolphin

The Polar Museum will be built the world's first "Russian Park"

Campaigners ask closure Bruges dolphinarium

Sperm whales may form clans to fight off orcas

Porpoises spotting in the North Sea?

4 dolphins found dead on the coast of Tumbes

About 780 dolphins killed in northern Peru between January and April

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