Thursday, 30 September 2010

Second whale birth reported in Derwent

There have reports of another southern right whale being born in Hobart's River Derwent. Hobart historian and author Michael Tatlow says he witnessed the spectacle from his Battery Point house on Tuesday.

Mr Tatlow says he initially thought he saw an overturned hull. "A minute or two later it squirted water and I realised it was a whale," he said.

"I know enough about whales, it was a right whale and I got the binoculars on it and shortly after I saw a reddening in the water around it and then a baby whale appeared. This right whale had given birth."

Mr Tatlow says three members of another family also saw the birth.

A southern right whale was born off Taroona Beach last month, the first reported birth since commercial whaling ended in the mid 1800s.


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