Thursday, 23 September 2010

Seaworld welcomes new dolphin calf

A THREE-WEEK-OLD dolphin born at Seaworld will brighten people's lives when she grows up and she doesn't even know it yet.The unnamed calf, born on September 2, is the third dolphin arrival at the theme park this year and once old enough, will be part of Seaworld's interactive dolphin team.

She will play with special needs children, teach schoolchildren about dolphins and swim with Seaworld visitors. Marine mammal trainer Erin King said the calf had arrived earlier than expected, but was settling in fine. ''She is having a ball playing with the other two calves -- we have regular visitors coming in weekly just to see them,'' she said.

''At the moment they are just learning how to use their bodies, so we're seeing a lot of all-over-the-place acrobatic activity from the three baby girls. ''All three girls will be in the park's interactive program and will definitely make a difference in peoples' lives.'' The new calf's mum, 10-year-old Zippa, is a first-time mum but is already protective of her bub. Ms King said Zippa never let the baby out of her sight.

''Dolphins can be a lot like humans; it's interesting to watch those maternal instincts just kick in,'' she said.

''We encourage everyone to come in and check out our new addition.

''She was born at 10kg and could get up to 160kg, so she has a lot of growing to do.''

Gold Coasters can also have a go at choosing a name for the bub at the Today Show's competition website


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