Thursday, 22 April 2010

Minnesota Zoo dolphin relocated to Chicago

One of the Minnesota Zoo's beloved dolphins has moved to Chicago. The zoo says it relocated its youngest Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, Spree, to the Brookfield Zoo to provide a better social setting for her. They say the 8 year-old dolphin has had a hard time adjusting and fitting in with the other dolphins since her mother, Rio, died.

Three of Brookfield's young female dolphins had been staying at the Minnesota Zoo since last summer, while their habitat was renovated. During that time Brookfield and Minnesota Zoo officials worked together to aquaint them with Spree and create an environment for them to live together in.

The four were flown to Chicago Wednesday and re currently getting acclimated with their new home. They will go on display at the Brookfield Zoo over Memorial Day.
The Minnesota Zoo now has three dolphins, Semo, April and Allie. Allie and Semo are expecting a baby this summer.


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