Thursday, 22 April 2010

Third Dolphin Born At Dolphin Quest Bermuda

Dolphin Quest is excited to announce that Ely, a six-year old Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, gave birth to her first calf at the “Keep” in the National Museum of Bermuda on April 13th. Ely’s calf was born at 9:35pm.

Dolphin Quest also recently announced that Caliban, a 17-year old Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, and Bailey, a 21-year old Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, both gave birth to calves at Dolphin Quest Bermuda on April 1st. Caliban’s calf was born at 12:28am and Bailey’s calf was born 18 hours later at 6:03pm.
“Both new mom Ely and her calf are doing well and we continue to monitor them,” said Christine Mihelcic, General Manager for Dolphin Quest. “Bailey and Caliban are also doing their part and helping out our first-time mother.”

While this marks the first time Ely has given birth, it is the fourth time that Caliban has given birth in Bermuda. Caliban is also mom to dolphins Hayden, Tatem, and Bermudiana. Bailey has also given birth to four previous calves, Somers, Nea, Ely, and Malibar.

The first few months of a young dolphin’s life are critical, as babies learn to nurse and mothers and calves establish nurturing bonds. Dolphin Quest’s marine mammal specialists will be monitoring Ely, Caliban, Bailey and their calves on a 24-hour basis for the next several weeks.


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