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Beluga Stadium Gets a Face Lift

December 28, 2009 by ChuckCureau
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VIVA refresh 2

Okay, so I'm not really doing the actual painting... but it shows how huge the pool is!

I’ve been in this pool a million times before, but this time, it’s different. Maybe it’s because nearly one million gallons of water are missing! In my 21 years at the stadium only a handful of times has it been empty of water. Seems at lot bigger from this vantage point.

In preparation for a spectacular new show in 2010, Beluga Stadium is getting an overhaul. We are applying a refresh coat of paint and making some minor repairs. In addition to the paint job we have refreshed the back wall and will install new scenery. After all, it’s been 10 years since the premiere of VIVA! and it’s about time for a face lift. And we have a good one planned for our guests!

Aside from the physical changes to the stadium, we are currently in the creative stage of producing a new show. It has been fun listening to newly composed music and brainstorming the choreography of the beluga whales and Pacific white-sided dolphins. There’s a lot to think about. Behaviors are timed down to the second with the music. Logistics of animals and people must be thought out so that the show flows. The bulk of the work has yet to be done. Once the pool is again full of water, we can start rehearsing. We plan to use the month of January to concentrate on rehearsing with the animals and then in February our human acrobats (including the return of the ever-popular “Chad, the funny guy”) will be added to the rehearsals. I’m looking forward to seeing what evolves.

ViVA refresh 1

No VIVA! shows this holiday but be sure to check out the holiday themed shows "Shamu's Christmas Miracles" and "Deck the Halls with Clyde and Seamore."

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