Friday, 7 August 2009

A 'Blue Horizon' in view for SeaWorld San Diego. CA, USA

It's coming soon to SeaWorld (not soon enough if you're heading there this summer, but . . . soon).

"Blue Horizons” is billed as a theatrical spectacle uniting sea and sky in a Broadway-style, whale of a show.

Make that dolphin of a show, as it says here that the bottlenose variety teams up with exotic birds and acrobatic humans in the new show.

“Blue Horizons” stars a young character named Marina, a girl whose imagination launches the array of dolphins, pilot whales and a exotic birds into an entertaining spectacle.

Stanley Meyer is the set designer and show consultant, best known for his work on the Broadway musical ”Beauty and the Beast.”

Hopefully they've worked out any kinks in the act, as the same really big “Blue Horizons” show has been hitting the bricks at SeaWorld Orlando since 2005.

That means this season is your final chance to catch "Dolphin Discovery.” The current show in what is now known as Dolphin Stadium made its debut in 1996. Park officials say it's time to draw the curtains on one of the longest running shows in the park’s 45-year history.

Dolphin Stadium will give way to a new look for the “Blue Horizons,” show, including a new set, new gear for the aerialists and divers, a new sound system and of course, more seating for an additional 700 guests.


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