Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Albino whale spotted with possible tumor

After last being sighted in 2007, the infamous solid white albino whale known as Migaloo has been spotted again traveling south east off of Queensland coast heading towards the area of the Great Barrier Reef. The male humpback was spotted traveling alone with a lump found to be located on the side of his head that some fear could be a possible tumor.

Greg Kaufman, who first photographed Migaloo during the initial sighting of the rare albino humpback whale in 1991, noted that he appeared to be fairing well and showed no obvious signs of illness although they fear that the lump may actually be a tumor; an occurrence that is common in species that exhibit albinism- a lack of coloring or pigmentation caused to a lack of melanin.

Observers will continue to watch his condition carefully, feeling that there is no need for concern at this time.

The footage below was taken during a 2007 sighting of Migaloo


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