Sunday, 18 May 2014

12 May to 18 May 2014


Whales put on a show as late-season warmth rolls on

Tangled Whale Saved off Santa Barbara Coast

Oldest living orca 'Granny' visits NW over Mother's Day weekend

Facing stormy future, Japanese whaling ships leave post

ROM to decide on fate of 2nd blue whale carcass by Friday

Butchered whale dumped in Currimao

Blue whale sightings near Bruny Island

Dead whale carcass has its tail ripped off in botched removal

Whale migration numbers continue to grow

Dolphin Exhibits May Close at the National Aquarium

Lawsuit to save 'Angel' throws spotlight on Japan dolphin ki

Risso's dolphin spotted in Penzance

Peru, Florida Environmentalists Unite to Halt Dolphin Slaughte

Fourth Wild-Caught Dolphin Dies at Resort of Horrors in Singapore

Death of dolphin at RWS spurs calls to free others

Porpoise strands itself on Fort Stevens' beach and dies

Finless Porpoises Born in Tongling


The fire department came out to check dolphin in distress


Whale fishing ban after first landing Taiji, Wakayama


2 Australians sue Japan Taiji Whale Museum, anti-discrimination catching whal

Dolphin 's memory can be sustained for at least 20

Yesterday a group of Baicheng clear water white dolphins f

Sick dolphin strandings Shimei Bay

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