Saturday, 10 March 2012

Weekly Report (4th - 10th March 2012

Sorry for not posting any updates yesterday, however I was taken ill and was unable to do any work :(

I am better now and here is the news for Friday 9th March and Saturday 10th March 2012

What made 30 dolphins come ashore in Brazil?

Death of dolphin Spinnaker remains a mystery

Dolphin netted, tagged and released in 6-hour Marco mercy operation

A dolphin enters the port of Tarragona after following a fishing boat

Ambulance en route to a live dolphin porpoise stranded in Germany
(Dutch & awaiting more news)

Killer whale family, soon debut Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
(Japanese with video of Stella & Ran II)

Gray Whales Spotted Again in the Bay

Gray Whale Population Booming in Mexico's Pacific Waters

New Baby Dolphin …… Chopper…

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