Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dolphins 'Louis' pregnancy

Bottlenose dolphins are participating in the show "Louis"授Kari new life, currently pregnant.
His father, a bottlenose dolphin born in captivity IV Hotel in 2004, "Athens" and the baby is born, and I awaited five captivity.
Due date is late August 2012. Currently, easy-to is the world's only dolphin has four heads and IV breeding captive, first in the world, when we celebrated the life connecting the next generation and more. Interest with us, warm eyes, "Louis," I hope you'll watch over. "Louis" is currently participating in the show now, with this pregnancy, let meいただきますpostponed from November to participate in the show. Therefore, the dolphin show " Feria U.S. dollars "Harmony" , "(held on Tuesdays & Holidays Sat), Oct 30 (Sun) have now to help us while suspending performance. Sun is yet resumed. During the relief efforts to the new practice of dolphins, also on a restart, so meet the expectations of everybody, we're trying to. Your understanding, thank you. In addition, the new Dolphin Sea Lion Show " / Kizuna Kizuna ", we held daily as before. Please continue to enjoy.


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