Monday, 12 September 2011

Nalu Gives Birth at Dolfinarium Harderwijk

AMSTERDAM - The Dolphinarium dolphin Nalu has given birth to a healthy young. Although the first days after childbirth are critical for mothers and young carers and veterinarians are very satisfied with the first night. The baby is visible to the public.

The young suckle well and mother is very vigilant and alert. The genus has not been established. Caregivers observe the next day 24 hours a day. They look especially on breathing, suckling and the general behavior of Nalu and her cub.

Just after 22:30 on Monday 12 September of the Dolphinarium night guards discovered early childbirth. More than one hour later, just before noon, swam around a little babydolfijntje between 22 other dolphins in their habitat. Caretakers and night watchmen were witnessing the birth. Because the habitat of dolphins both above and under water can be seen, both visitors and carers and young mothers clearly.


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