Monday, 15 February 2010

New Dolphinarium in Bulgaria?

The town hall of the ancient port town of Nessebur plans to offer a land swap to a company that plans to build a dolphinarium in the old part of the town, Dnevnik daily said on July 19.

The proposed deal would see Festa Holding give up its 2.3ha in the historic section of Nessebur in exchange for 1.1ha in the new part of town, Dnevnik quoted the municipality as saying.

Festa Holding's plans for a dolphinarium should not, under any circumstances, allowed to be built in the old part of town, because the area is a cultural monument, protected by Unesco, the municipality said.

Festa Holding bought the 2.3ha land plot in old Nessebur under the previous administration of the town hall. The company said it wanted to build a dolphinarium but the current administration has been reluctant to allow the plans to go ahead, thus the proposed land swap.

Festa Holding claims it has paid the full price for the land, but was yet to have ownership of the property transferred.

Petya Slavova, chief executive and shareholder in Festa Holding, said that the company was " prepared to scrap the proposed construction of the dolphinarium, if this is aganst the will of the public; instead, the company is prepared to undertake 'alternative investment projects,'" Dnevnik said.

Festa Holding owns the dolphinarium in Varna, along with hotels in Slunchev Bryag (Sunny Beach), the resort across the bay from Nessebur.


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