Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Dolly and Dumisa to Move to Ocean Park

South African dolphins bound for Ocean Park

Two dolphins, a father and daughter pair, from the Bayworld marine park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa soon will be headed for Ocean Park. They are Domino, the 18-year-old father and 4-year-old Dumisa. The younger dolphin is rapidly approaching maturity and officials at Bayworld want to ensure that she does not breed with her parent.

As these are the only remaining dolphins at the South African facility they will have to be moved. The consensus is that Ocean Park in Hong Kong would be the best facility for these two dolphins, said Bayworld director Sylvia van Zyl. "The move to Ocean Park will allow us to separate the dolphins, place them in viable social environments and once they are comfortable, allow them to breed with unrelated dolphins of the same species," she added.


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